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Vereinigung MaxTex


MaxTex was founded in 2014 as an international association of textile manufacturers, garment manufacturers, raw material producers, textile service providers, scientific institutions and young start-ups. It is linked by the goal of ensuring sustainable action along the entire textile value chain. Corporate responsibility in social, ecological and economic terms is equally important.


Through intensive cooperation between the members in the development of best-practice solutions and business projects, in the expansion of competence and in joint work on sustainable textile innovations, we want to demonstrate that sustainability is possible throughout the entire supply chain and at the same time economically successful. We want to set new standards in the textile industry through target-oriented and trusting cooperation, make sustainable textiles the standard and create generations and ranges of textiles geared towards sustainability. Our long-term goal is to achieve a 100% recycling economy.


The MaxTex association is available to all companies in the textile supply chain and textile service with its professional expertise.  

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Mission statement and vision


MaxTex promotes proven environmentally compatible actions, the assumption of social responsibility and social cooperation in the textile industry and textile service sector, as well as to customers and stakeholders. The members of MaxTex agree: Sustainability, with all its facets, is an increasingly important topic. The social challenges of the present cannot be mastered with the one-sided recipes of the past. What is needed are new, cross-border ways of social commitment in the voluntary interaction of companies along the value chain, non-profit organisations, initiatives by civil society and the public sector. Only together can we shape a sustainable society. Only in this way can we achieve sustainable development. This means having the courage to innovate through comprehensive cooperation and thus having the courage to open up new social perspectives.

For a fair, sustainable future, it is important to find a new balance in economic action in order to create trust - among customers, partners, employees, the social environment and the public, through interaction with the community and in harmony with the environment. Value and values, freedom and responsibility, prosperity and social commitment, innovation and sustainability are inextricably linked.

Responsible action does not depend on the nature or size of the business or organization. There are many small, medium-sized and large companies that are run with a high willingness to take responsibility and act as driving forces in social and ecological initiatives. And there are more and more cross-industry initiatives that intend a new, active cooperation. These companies, which are committed, imaginative and cooperative in shaping the goal of sustainability, find a platform and a contact in MaxTex.

The willingness and ability to cooperate is one of the most important resources for the future. Within MaxTex, the members give each other mutual support and views on downstream bilateral or multilateral economic cooperation. This allows forces to be bundled in order to increase the effectiveness of the activities. Through joint projects and campaigns, through coordinated public relations work, through the development of strategies and through the development of qualification instruments, MaxTex further advances cooperation, social and societal responsibility and sustainable action in the textile and clothing industry or in the contract business.

Companies that are committed to MaxTex not only act responsibly, but also ensure their own long-term success. They strengthen the company's relationships with its environment and promote the important exchange of competence, knowledge, ideas and concrete actions. Members of MaxTex are committed, cooperative, innovative and forward-looking. They assume joint responsibility and create benefits. Their projects create social added value, social capital and strengths form the economic basis of their company.

It is our vision that more and more players from the textile industry and the downstream value chain will commit themselves to implementing sustainable action - for the benefit of members, companies and their employees all over the world, the economy, the environment and for the benefit of a society that offers us and future generations a future worth living.

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10 reasons to be a member of MaxTex


MaxTex represents the interests of all members in national and international institutions and alliances and positions itself as the central network for sustainable solutions in the textile industry. Already today MaxTex and its member companies are highly appreciated by all stakeholders.


Members jointly develop innovative and intelligent textile sustainability solutions on a partnership level.


Members receive practice-oriented technical support in all questions of sustainability along supply chains as well as in the evaluation of standards and certification processes.


Free participation in annual member events, which are connected with exclusive guided tours in different companies of the textile chain, or which also take place in the environment of political federal or EU institutions.


MaxTex offers its members active participation and further development in a Europeanisation process already underway. In addition to Germany, MaxTex already has representatives in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Members have access to an extensive range of seminars and workshops, which always include the latest developments in all areas of the sustainable supply chain on topics such as raw materials, fibres, materials, ecology, environmental and human toxicology, chemicals management, social standards, audit and monitoring systems or recycling management. In addition, there are other topics such as technical testing procedures or communication strategies in the end-customer business. Members have the exclusive opportunity to participate in all events free of charge or at highly discounted prices.


With the support of the office, members have the opportunity to organise interdisciplinary working groups at short notice on specific topics such as the circular economy, digitisation in the supply chain and similar topics.


MaxTex promotes active and interdisciplinary dialogue with important end-user and customer groups in the textile branch.

Members are involved by name in the central communication of the MaxTex association such as homepage, classical PR, event announcements and other publications.


Together, the members form and support a professional "think tank" that is dedicated to raising awareness and making sustainable processes and supply chains transparent, that is committed to corporate responsibility and works with and for its members on sustainable solutions up to and including textile recycling. 

Partnership for Sustainable Textiles
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The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles was founded on 16.10.2014. The multi-stakeholder initiative, consisting of representatives from business, civil society, standard organisations and trade unions, will pool the strength and expertise of its members to achieve social, ecological and economic improvements along the textile supply chain. The Textile Partnership aims to solve common challenges more effectively, use synergies in joint local projects, learn from each other and thus improve the framework conditions in the producing countries.


MaxTex has been an active member of the Partnership since its launch and has also been represented in the communication working group since December 2015.


More information about the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles...


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